Annatina Franaszek

Deeply touched and inspired by the Beauty, Joy, Melancholy and subconcious Nature of Life, Annatina recives her own and other peoples Visions. She focuses on capturing the Magic and the deeper Meaning of cooperation and unity which lies behind Experiences in Life. Lately she naturally paints round, inspired by our Planet Earth and Mandalas . A special love for old Trees, small Details and the ever changing Colors and Seasons in Nature, can be discoverd in her Paintings. There is a deep longing to embed the quality of Humankind as a Keeper of the Earth.

„A big part of my life is my family, together with my partner and three boys we are creating and building up a living art place (Garudas Nest), in Solbacka Community, South Finland. Im a passionate cook, lover of wild herbs and Permaculture. Playing music and singing in circles connects me to my inner power and life joy“.

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